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44th Wangala festival begins in Meghalaya

44th Wangala festival begins in Meghalaya

Meghalaya state people are celebrating the 44th edition of ‘Wangala’, the festival of 100 Drums Festival. Wangala Festival is a post-harvest festival of the Garos tribe and is observed to honour ‘Saljong’, the Sun God of Garos, which also marks the end of the harvest season.

  • During the Festival, people offer sacrifices to please their deity Saljong, the Sun God.

Wangala Festival Celebrations and Day

  • On the first day, a ceremony called Ragula is performed in the house of the village’s chief.
  • On the 2nd day i.e. Kakkat, People dress up in colourful costumes with feathered headgears and dance to the rhythms of long oval-shaped drums.

List of Festivals of Meghalaya

  • Nongkrem Dance Festival
  • Wangala Festival
  • Ahaia Festival
  • Behdeinkhlam Festival
  • Shad Sukra Festival

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