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U.S. National Guard Birthday – December 13, 2023

The birthday of the U.S. National Guard is celebrated on December 13 every year. It is not a federal holiday. the National Guard was founded in 1636 and is the oldest military organization in America. The members serve in times of war and emergency. The day aims to honour those who have protected our country for centuries.

U.S. National Guard Birthday – History

On December 13, 1636, the first militia regiments in North America were conducted in Massachusetts. The colony’s militia was held into 3 permanent regiments. Today, the descendants of these first regiments are the 181st Infantry, the 182nd Infantry, the 101st Field Artillery, and the 101st Engineer Battalion of the Massachusetts Army National Guard. December 13 is symbolic of the founding of all the state, territory, and District of Columbia militias.

U.S. National Guard Birthday – Dates

2023December 13Wednesday
2024December 13Friday
2025December 13Saturday
2026December 13Sunday
2027December 13Monday

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