List of all Presidents of India

List of all Presidents of India

The President is considered as the head of the country and is the 1st citizen of India. as per Article 53 of the Indian Constitution, The President will have all the executive powers of the Union.

1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Dr. Rajendra Prasad served as the first President of India for the period of 10 years. Prasad was also known as resident of the Constituent Assembly and the Chief Leader of the Indian Independence Movement. in the year 1962, he was honoured with Bharat Ratna award.

2. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

The day of 5th September 1888, he was born. this is also observed as Teacher’s Day acoross the country. in the year 1954, he was given Bharat Ratna award.

3. Dr. Zakir Husain

Dr. Zakir Husain was the India’s first Muslim President and he passed away during being President. V.V. Giri was chosen as next President. Zakir Husain served as President between 13 May 1967 and 3rd May 1969.

4. V. V. Giri

V.V (Varahagiri Venkata) Giri was chosen as 4th Indian President. he was only one President who was chosen President of India as an independent candidate. he was honoured with Bharat Ratna Award in 1975.

5. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed became the 5th Indian President and he passed away at the post of the President. after, BD Jattha served as President with immediate effect.

6. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy was elected as 6th President of India. he was the 1st CM of Andhra Pradesh State. he was named to be President and prior to this, he was serving as Lok Sabha speaker.

7. Giani Zail Singh

Before appointing President, Zail Singh was serving as Chief Minister of Punjab and he was also the Minister at the Centre. his govt faced many incidents such as 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Indira Gandhi’s death and Operation Blue Star.

8. R. Venkataraman

R. Venkataraman served between 25 July 1987 and 25 July 1992, before being President, he was serving as Vice-President of India. he completed his tensure from 1984 to 1987. he was awarded with “Tamra Patra” for making contributions to India’s freedom struggle.

9. Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma

Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma became the 9th President of India between 1952 and 1956. he also served as Chief Minister of Bhopal and Cabinet Minister between 1956 and 1967.

10. K R Narayanan

K. R. Narayanan was 1st ever Dalit who was elected as President of India and along with it, he became 1st Malayali who got the highest office of India. he also had addressed the state assembly.

11. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Dr A. P.J. Abdul Kalam was known as ‘Missile Man of India’. he was a scientist and assumed the charge as President. he played an important role for Rohini-1 satellites, Agni and Prithvi missiles. APJ was honoured Bharat Ratna Award in 1997.

12. Shrimati Pratibha Singh Patil

Before being President, she was serving as Governor of Rajasthan state. she was also a member of the Maharashtra Legislative between 1962 and 1985. Pratibha Singh Patil was the 1st woman president who got an opportunity to fly Sukhoi.

13. Pranab Mukherjee

Pranab Mukherjee, he was known as ‘Pranab Da’. he served as Indian president from 2012 to 2017. in the year 2019, he was honoured with Bharat Ratna award. He became the 5th Indian president who received this Bharat Ratna award.

he also served for Union minister and handled important foreign, defence, commerce and finance portfolios. During Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet, he got an opportunity to be the finance minister. between 1973 and 1974, he also served as a deputy minister for finance.

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