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2022 Joseph A. Cushman Award to Former NIO Scientist Dr. Rajiv Nigam

2022 Joseph A. Cushman Award to Former NIO Scientist Dr. Rajiv Nigam

Former Chief Scientist, CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography Dr. Rajiv Nigam has been elected as 2022 recipient of the J.A. Cushman Award for Excellence in Foraminiferal Research. he has contributed to the field of foraminifera research.

  • He will be honored with the award at the Cushman Reception at the 2022 Geological Society of America meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA, from October 9-12-2022.
  • Dr. Rajiv Nigam will be the first Indian Citizen who will be awarded for this lifetime achievement award based on his outstanding research work on foraminifera (microfossil).

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Who is Dr. Rajiv Nigam

  • Dr. Rajiv Nigam has Bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees in Geology.
  • Also, he is having a Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Science degree in Geology.
  • He has given his contributions in Marine Geology (Micropaleontology) using foraminifera. his contributions has made easy to understand oceanographic processes and their role in environmental and paleo-environmental assessments.
  • Dr. Nigam has also received CSIR Young Scientist Award, Krishnan Gold Medal, National Mineral Awards, M.R. Sahni lecture award, and so on.

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The Joseph A. Cushman Award

  • In 1979, The USA-based Cushman foundation established The Joseph A. Cushman Award to honor researchers for their outstanding contributions in the field of foraminiferology.
  • So far, 41 Scientists have been honored with this award.


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