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What are the Applications of AI?

What are the Applications of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an important role in today’s society. AI has become an important part of our life. with the help of we can solve complex problems with an efficient way. AI is being used in multiple industries for eg. health, finance, education, entertainment and so on.

Lets discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Astronomy

  • Artificial Intelligence is useful in solving complex universe related problems. with the help of AI technology, it becomes easy to understand the universe like how it works, origin and so on.

2. Healthcare

  • Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in the healthcare industry and it is helpful in diagnosis diseases faster than human beings. AI helps doctors to diagnosis dangerous diseases at the early stages.

3. Gaming

  • AI is being used in strategic games such as chess, in chess, AI machine can beat a human.

4. Social Media Sites

  • Popular Social Media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are using AI technology in order to store a huge amount of user-profiles in an efficient way. AI helps in organizing and managing a massive amount of data.

5. Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence has made a robot capable of performing some repetitive task. due to AI, intelligent robots can be made which can do tasks using their experiences and they don’t be pre-programmed.

6. E-commerce Industry

  • shoppers can find associated products with recommended size, colour or even brand with the help of AI.

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