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Types of Artificial Intelligence in brief

Types of Artificial Intelligence in brief

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is classified into several types. here, we are going to read about two types of main types which are based on capabilities and functionally. we have explained the types of AI with the help of a flow diagram.

Artificial Intelligence Types 1: Based on Capabilities

1. Weak/Narrow AI –

  • Narrow type AI uses its intelligence for accomplishing a dedicated task. Narrow AI is known as the most common AI in the world of Artificial Intelligence.
  • It has field or limitations so, it is unable to perform any task beyond limitations. if it crosses its limit then, it will fail in inconstant ways. Narrow AI is developed and trained for a particular task. it is also called as weak AI.
  • For example Apple Siri, Siri has limitations in which it operates. other Examples of Narrow AI: IBM’s Watson supercomputer, chess, Driverless cars, speech recognition and image recognition. 

2. General AI –

  • General AI is able to do any intellectual tasks with efficiency like an individual. The main concept of general AI is to invent a system that will be smarter and think like a human.
  • At present, there is no device or system that may follow general AI and may do tasks as perfect as a human does.
  • Researchers are making a lot of efforts to develop a General AI machine. Researchers are developing systems with general AI and we don’t know how much time will be taken to develop such systems.

3. Super AI –

  • Super AI Systems means machines are smarter than human intelligence and a system with Super AI will be capable to do any task better than a human.
  • characteristics of a Super AI: thinking power, reasoning, learning, ability to solve puzzles, take decisions, make a plan and can communicate with others by its own.

Artificial Intelligence Types 2: Based on functionality

1. Reactive Machines –

  • It is the most basic types of Artificial Intelligence.
  • These machines don’t store memories or past experiences for further tasks.
  • Reactive Machines focus on the present situation and act on them.
  • Example: Google’s AlphaGo, IBM’s Deep Blue system.

2. Limited Memory –

  • it stores past experiences and memories but for a short time.
  • Such machines store data for a limited time.
  • Examples: Self-driving car, it stores speed of nearby cars, speed limit and saves data to navigate the road.

3. Theory of Mind –

  • it understands emotions, beliefs and can interact with people.
  • however, Such AI machines haven’t developed yet.

4. Self-Awareness –

  • Self-awareness AI is known as Artificial Intelligence’s future. it is a hypothetical concept. Self-awareness machines may be more intelligent and will be equipped with consciousness, sentiments, and self-awareness.

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