U-WIN to digitise India’s universal immunisation programme

U-WIN to digitise India’s universal immunisation programme – The programme to digitise India’s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) called U-WIN, has been launched in a pilot mode in two districts of each state and Union Territory. U-WIN platform will be used to register and vaccinate every pregnant woman, record her delivery outcome, register every newborn delivery, administer birth doses and all vaccination events thereafter.

  • It is similar to Co-WIN, which has served as the “digital backbone” for India’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, which was launched on January 11 in 65 districts.

What is the U-WIN?

  • It will act as the single source of information for immunisation services, updating vaccination status, delivery outcome, planning of RI sessions and reports like antigen-wise coverage, and so on.
  • It will be digital registrations of all pregnant women and newborns for individualised tracking for vaccination, reminders for upcoming doses and follow-up of dropouts.
  • Healthcare workers and programme managers can get real-time data on routine immunisation sessions and vaccination coverage for better planning and vaccine distribution.
  • Vaccine acknowledgement and immunisation cards linked to ABHA ID (Ayushman Bharat Heath Account) will be generated for pregnant women and children.

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