South Korea launches first homegrown space rocket Nuri


South Korea launches first homegrown space rocket Nuri

South Korea has launched its first homegrown rocket named Korean Satellite Launch Vehicle II” or “Nuri” (The word NURI means “world” in Old Korean language) into space. it is the country’s first domestically built rocket and was launched from Goheung, about 500km (310 miles) south of Seoul.

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  • The launch of “Nuri” was to have military applications.
  • Nuri rocket is 47.2 meters long and has a weight of 200 tons.
  • It has six liquid-fuelled engines, and has been built at an estimated cost of 2 trillion won (£1.23bn or $1.6bn).
  • Prior to this, South Korea launched Naro-1, was jointly built with Russia.

ISRO-NASA joint mission NISAR Satellite to be launched in 2023

South Korea space Plan 2030

  • South Korea is looking for four more launches of the Nuri until 2027 to increase reliability.
  • South Korea has planned to send a probe to the moon by 2030.
  • In 2009 and 2010, Seoul launched rockets and failed after take-off.


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