Singapore National Day 2023: Google Doodle Features Clarke Quay. What It Is?

Singapore National Day 2023
Singapore National Day 2023

Google Doodle is celebrating Singapore National Day on August 9th. On this day in 1965, Singapore officially gained independence from the Federation of Malaysia and became a sovereign nation. Today’s Doodle is showing Clarke Quay, a historical riverside quay that played an important role in Singapore’s history. the quay used to house warehouses that facilitated mercantile activity since the country’s pre-independence years.

Clarke Quay

  • Clarke Quay is located along the Singapore River and is in the heart of the city-state’s downtown area.
  • It is also on walking distance of several major attractions and shopping districts.
  • The quay was named after Sir Andrew Clarke, who was a British officer and the second Governor of the Straits Settlements (which included Singapore) between 1873 and 1875.

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