SBI Payments partners with Hitachi Payment Services for e-RUPI

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SBI Payments partners with Hitachi Payment Services for e-RUPI

SBI Payments has partnered with Hitachi Payment Services in order to develop the capability to acquire e-RUPI transactions on the Yono SBI Merchant app. Recently, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched the e-RUPI platform on 2 August. SBI Payments has implemented it for the first time at a private covid-19 vaccination centre in Mumbai.

  • Merchants will now use the ‘UPI Voucher’ feature on the Yono SBI Merchant App to accept prepaid UPI e-vouchers in a convenient and easy manner. Moreover, Hitachi Payment Services will also provide its support for SBI Payments in merchant on-boarding and merchant transaction settlements for eRUPI.

About e-RUPI

  • It is a prepaid UPI e-Voucher that can be redeemed either through a QR code or an SMS.
  • it is an easy, convenient and secure mode of payment.
  • It is a secure and digital form of payment for government institutions and private entities.


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