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Rajnath introduced Aero India 21 website

Rajnath introduced Aero India 21 website

  • On 11th Sept 2020, Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister has introduced the Aero India 2021 website aeroindia.gov.in. the website will help for space-booking. the 13th version of Aero India-21 will be organized at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka between 3rd February 2021 and 7th February 2021.

Key Points –

  • Aero India 2021 website will offer an online interface for Asia’s largest Aero show.
  • it will also offer an online service associated with the exhibitors and visitors and website will host the Ministry of Defence’s recent policies, initiatives.
  • According to requirements, exhibitors will be allowed to register and book space online. they could make all payments online on the Aero India website.
  • website is made in an interactive manner and will purpose to offer various contactless experiences at the show. along with it, it will boost participants’ confidence for the show.

Q.1 what is Aero India 21 website?

Aero India 2021 website is aeroindia.gov.in.

Q.2 what is use of Aero India 2021 website?

Aero India 2021 website aeroindia.gov.in will help for space-booking.


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