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DRDO successfully test fire ‘Made in India’ Anti Tank guided Nag Missile – “Dhruvastra”


Anti Tank guided Nag Missile Dhruvastra

  • The Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) has succussfully tested made of India anti-tank guided missile named as “Dhruvastra”. the test was held at in Balasore, Odisha.

Design of Dhruvastra

  • The missile is 1.85-meter-long and having weight of 43 Kg with four foldable wings with a diameter of 0.20meters.
  • The length of wingspan of the missile is 0.4meters.
  • missile includes a real time image processor and has fast and effective algorithms in order to support automatic target detection and tracking capability.
  • missile’s range is 4 Km in land version and HELINA can get the target of upto 7 Km in the Lock On Before Launch (LOBL)mode.

Features of Dhruvastra

  • The missile is having an advanced passive homing guidance system and along wit it, has possessing high single shot hit or kill probability(SSKP).
  • The missile has ability to destroy heavy armoured vehicles and new age battle tanks.
  • The missile can have a capable of top attacks and along with it, immune to countermeasures.
  • The airframe is made with lightweight and each has high strength composite materials.


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