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National Ram Day 2024: Date, History, Significance

National Ram Day is observed on March 28 every year. The day celebrates people named Ram. The name Ram is a boy’s name and originates from Sanskrit and means ‘archer’ or ‘attractive.’ In India, RAM name is a widely used name. As per Indian mythology, it is the seventh reincarnation of the god Vishnu.


The name Ram is a Hindu name derived from the Sanskrit word ‘rma,’ which means ‘pleasing’ or ‘charming.’ The name has a version – Raman, is used by Tamil and Malayalam people. The name comes from the Middle Low German and Middle English words for ‘ram,’. Its meaning is ‘male sheep’ or ‘pile driver’.

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Famous People with Ram Name

Ram Shriram was an American businessman.

Film director and screenwriter Ram Gopal Varma is an Indian filmmaker

Ram Kapoor acted as a television and film actor in India.

Ram Charan is a multi-talented actor, producer, dancer, and businessman in Telugu cinema in India.

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  • 1997 – Ram Kapoor made his on-screen debut in Nyaay.
  • 1999 – “Shool,” a political crime drama written by Ram Gopal Varma, was awarded the National Film Award for its scripting.
  • 2013 – Ram Achaean was named in “Forbes” India’s Celebrity 100 list.
  • 2020 – The Ellis Island Medal of Honor was presented upon Ram Shriram.v


2024March 28Thursday
2025March 28Friday
2026March 28Saturday
2027March 28Sunday
2028March 28Tuesday

Why do we love National Ram Day?

Rare name – The Ram name is a name with a rich history.

Different meanings – Ram is a name and it has meanings in a lot of languages. 


Is Ram a rare name?


When is National Ram Day held?

March 28.


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