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National Weed Appreciation Day 2024: Date, History, Significance

Every year, National Weed Appreciation Day is observed on March 28. weeds are beneficial for us and our ecosystem and act as nutritious food and herbs. The day aims to create an opportunity to go out in your garden and appreciate the weeds.


The history of National Weed Appreciation Day is still unknown. The acknowledgment of the benefits and value of weeds will be traced back to history. The herb enriches in minerals, including copper and iron, and vitamins A, B, and C.

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How to Celebrate National Weed Appreciation Day?

Explore the benefits – The day creates an opportunity to learn about the benefits that weeds deliver to us and our ecosystem.

Appreciate the weeds – The day aims to act as a reminder to appreciate weeds. A weed is known as a wonderful new surprise living on your lawn.

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  • 1956 – The first learned society on weed science, The Weed Science Society of America was founded.
  • 2000s – The first weeds were found from an excavation 23,000 years ago at an old Israeli site called Ohalo II.
  • 2017 – The publication of three WSSA journals on weed science was started this year.


2024March 28Thursday
2025March 28Friday
2026March 28Saturday
2027March 28Sunday
2028March 28Tuesday

Why do we love National Weed Appreciation Day?

Weeds importance – Weeds can help you as a fertilizer for the soil, repel pests, and provide food for microbes and animals.


When is National Weed Appreciation Day held?

March 28.


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