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Global Family Day 2023: History and Significance

Global Family Day 2023: History and Significance – Every year, Global Family Day is celebrated on January 1 across the world. The day raises a sense of unity, community, and brotherhood across nations and cultures through the idea of families. Global Family Day also discourages unwarranted negative attitudes towards other cultures, and nations, which may breed hatred, encourage social aloofness and lead to violence.

Global Family Day: History

  • The day originated from two books – a 1996 children’s book named ‘One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000,’ by American authors Steve Diamond and Robert Alan Silverstein.
  • American peace activist and author Linda Grover’s 1998 utopian novel ‘Tree Island: A Novel for the New Millennium.’ Grover established January 1 as a global day of peace.
  • Linda Grover chose January 1 date when the entire world joins hands together to co-exist in harmony.

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