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GK Current Practice Set English 58

current affairs 2019

This question of current affairs can prove to be better for the candidates as well as the students who appear in all the examinations to be held in the year 2019.

Q 22.    On October 8, 2019, the Indian Air Force has received Rafale, counted in the world’s most power-style fighter jet?

Ans.     France

Q 23.     Who is the Indian wrestler to win three medals at the World Wrestling Championship?

Ans.    Bajrang Punia

Q 24.     From where will the bullet train be run in India?

Ans.     Ahmedabad to Mumbai

Q 25.    The provision of fundamental rights in Indian constitution has been taken from the constitution of

which country?

Ans.      By constitution of america

Q 26.       Jend Avesta is a sacred book related to which religion?

Ans.       Zoroastrianism

Q 27.       In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established?

Ans.       In the year 1935

Q 28.       The city of Vienna, the capital of Austria, is on the bank of which river?

Ans.       Danube River

Q 29.       In the year 1576, who fought the famous Haldighati war against the Mughals?

Ans.       Maharana Pratap

Q 30.       The Planning Commission of India has been replaced by which


Ans.       NITI Aayog

Q  31.      Which scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for getting the virus as the first crystal?

Ans.       W. M. Stanley


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