GK Current Practice Set English 57

GK Current Practice Set English 57

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Q 11. The lowest layer of the atmosphere near the Earth is-
Ans. Troposphere

Q 12. The name ‘Vijayanta’ in the Indian Army is-
Ans. Of a tank

Q 13. Chinese traveler Fahian came to India during which period?
Ans. Vikramaditya

Q 14. Eminent cinematographer Prithviraj Kapoor and Raj Kapoor have a relationship.
Ans. Father-son

Q 15. Which state of India is known for tea production?
Ans. Assam

Q 16. Which state of India has the highest rice production –
Ans. West Bengal

Q 17. In which Indian city is Jantar Mantar located?
Ans. Delhi

Q 18. Darjeeling is located in which state of India?
Ans. West Bengal

Q 19. Telugu is the official language of which state?
Ans. Andra Pradesh

Q 20. How many players are there in each team in hockey game-
Ans. 11

Q 21. The currency of Bangladesh is –
Ans. Taka