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Current Affairs Questions and Answers 25 August 2023

Current Affairs Questions and Answers 25 August 2023 – Here, we have provided the Current Affairs Questions and Answers for 25 August 2023. These types of topics will be important for candidates who are preparing for Bank Exam 2023.

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25th August Current Affairs 2023 Quiz

Q1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approved the amalgamation of which two cooperative urban banks?

Ans: Twin Cities Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd with Kranti Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd

Q2. Under what circumstances does the framework for amalgamation of Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) evaluate proposals for merger and amalgamation?

Ans: Only when the amalgamated bank has a positive net worth and deposits are protected

Q3. Which six countries were recently included in the BRICS alliance?

Ans: Argentina, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Egypt

Q4. What accomplished the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) state in response to the rising inflation?

Ans: It will raise interest rates if conditions require.

Q5. As per the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) report, how many countries have been impacted by the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus since January 2021?

Ans: 49 countries

Q6. The New Development Bank (NDB) was founded by which group of countries?


Q7. Which regions are affected by the spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus?

Ans: Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania

Q8. Which states part to nearly half of all tax returns filed by FY22, as highlighted by the SBI Research study?

Ans: Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal

Q9. What is the budget for the North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme (NESIDS) for the 2022-2023 to 2025-2026 period?

Ans: Rs. 8139.50 crore

Q10. As per the Fiscal Health Report, which states are recognized as most vulnerable to debt sustainability risks?

Ans: Punjab, Bihar, and Rajasthan

Q11. The 15th BRICS Summit will enhance cooperation among emerging economies. The summit was held in which city?

Ans: Johannesburg

Q12. What is the main objective of a windfall tax in the context of the energy sector?

Ans: To regulate excessive profits during favorable market conditions

Q13. Which space observatory captured the irregular galaxy ESO 300-16?

Ans: Hubble Space Telescope

Q14. What is the main distinction between Irr I and Irr II subtypes of irregular galaxies?

Ans: Concentration of star formation

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