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Bonza Bottler Day – January 1, 2024

Bonza Bottler Day is a monthly celebration and is observed on the day when the number of the month coincides with the number of the day. The day will be held on January 1. Bonza Bottler Day aims to celebrate and hold fun every month with friends and family.

Bonza Bottler Day – History

Pope Gregory XIII presented the Gregorian calendar which was based on the Julian calendar in 1582. The calendar was first adopted in Spain, Portugal, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, and Italy.


2024January 1Monday
2024February 2Friday
2024March 3Sunday
2024April 4Thursday
2024May 5Sunday
2024June 6Thursday
2024July 7Sunday
2024August 8Thursday
2024September 9Monday
2024October 10Thursday
2024November 11Monday
2024December 12Thursday

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Why is Bonza Bottler Day celebrated?

Elaine Fremont initiated Bonza Bottler Day as a reason to celebrate every month.

Who is Bonza Bottler Day for?

Bonza Bottler Day is a day for everyone.


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