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Blood Relation Practice Set 1

Blood Relation Practice Set 1

Directions (1 – 2):
T is mother of L . L Has only one  Brother Q . Q is The Son Of Z . V is only child of Q . Q is Son-Of-Law . and Q is brither of A

1.   If L is uncle Of V  then , Which statement is true ?
A) Z has only One Daughter
B) L is married with B
C) T is the mother of both L and A
D) Cannot be determined
E) T has only Four Children

2.   Which statement is true according to given relations?
A) Z is Grandson of M
B) M is aunt of L
C) None is correct
D) T is Son of A
E) Z is GrandDaughter of V

Directions (3 – 5):
U is Daughter Of S. V has only two Children S and Y . Y is married with D . P is brother Of B.V has Only Two Daughters . J is the mother of U . J is married with L and P is married with S. V is Son of T.

3.   Who is Sister-in-law Of B ?
A) Z
B) S
C) U
D) J
E) T

4.   Father Of C ?
A) V
B) L
C) T
D) J
E) None

5.   J is related to P ?
A) Father-in-law
B) Grandmother
C) Father
D) Mother
E) Brother


Question 1 ) A
Question 2 ) E
Question 3 ) B
Question 4 ) B
Question 5 ) B

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