Directions (1): A Man starts from a point P  and he goes 14 m in East direction. Now he takes a right turn and moves 9 m. Next , he takes a left turn and moves 8m. At the end , he turns left and moves 9m . Find  what is  the distance from his starting point  and which Direction.
A) 6m , North
B) 17m , West
C) 16m , East
D) 22m , East
E) 5m , East

Directions (2): Mohan  starts from Home  and he goes 7 m in South direction. Now he takes a left turn and moves 12 m. Next , he takes a left turn and moves  2 m. finally he reachs his destination. Find The Distance From Starting Point ?
A) 13m
B) 11m
C) 17m
D) 14m
E) 9m

Directions (3-4): Point A is 11 m north of point B. Point C is 11m east direction  of point B. Point D is 5 m north Direction of point C . Point E is 7 m west of point E .  Point F is 9 m north of point E . Point G is 4 m west of point F which is 6m west of point D.

3.  In which direction is the point D with respect to the point F ?
A) North-East
B) South-East
C) South
D) North-West
E) East

4.   which Three Points are in one line ?
A) A,E,D
B) F,E,C
C) G,F,B
D) G,A,B
E) None


Question 1 )    D
Question 2 )    A
Question 3 )    B
Question 4 )    D