Ranking Practice Set 1


Ranking Practice Set 1 –

Directions ( 1 ) : The length of each of the five men P, Q, R, S and T is different. Q is only one person taller. P is longer than S but smaller than R . R is not lengthy than Q.
Who is the third longest of them ?

A) R
B) P
C) S
D) T
E) Cann’t be Determined

Directions ( 2 – 4  ) : The Weight of each of the five bags M, N, O, P and Q is different. O is lighter than three. M is heavier than Q, but it is lighter than P P is not the heaviest

2. Who is The third most heaviest of them ? 
A) M
B) P
C) M or N
D) N
E) Cann’t be Determined

3. Which of these is the lightest ?
A) P
B) O
C) N
D) Q
E) Cann’t be Determined

4. Who is the most heaviest ?
A) M
B) N
C) O
D) Q
E) P

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