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Bird Flu Latest News in India

Bird Flu Latest News in India

Mumbai/ New Delhi: On 11th January 2021, Maharashtra has confirmed bird flu and due to this, the state has become 8th state which confirms bird flu to contain the spread.

What Deepak Madhukar Muglikar, District Collector said

“Parbhani is the epicenter. About 800 poultry birds – all hens – died in the last two days. Their samples were given for testing. And now it is confirmed that the reason is bird flu,”

Conversation with NDTV reporters

Before this, seven states confirmed Avian Influenza.

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Avian Influenza bird flu in Indian States List

  • Uttar Pradesh,
  • Kerala,
  • Rajasthan,
  • Madhya Pradesh,
  • Himachal Pradesh,
  • Haryana
  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra 

In the last week, The Centre defined that the disease is “zoonotic” however, the govt has not got any news of infection in humans in India yet.

In the year 2006, India reported the Avian Influenza first outbreak. Bird flu viruses are spreading across the world. the centre mentioned in a statement.

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