World White Cane Day 2022: History, Significance

World White Cane Day 2022: Every year, World White Cane Day is observed on October 15 across the world to celebrate everything that the tool signifies. A person with a white cane with a red end or tip is instantly recognisable almost everywhere as someone with visual impairment. the day also marks freedom, independence, and inclusivity.

  • The cane is a tool for blind people to navigate on roads.

World White Cane Day: History

  • World White Cane Day is also called White Cane Safety Day.
  • President Lyndon B Johnson first observed World White Cane Day in the US in 1964 and later the National Federation of the Blind initiated in the 1960s.
  • US President Barack Obama decided the day as Blind Americans Equality Day.
  • This day highlights the movement of visually impaired people from a state of dependency to active social participation.
  • It also marks the achievements and contributions of blind people in a variety of fields.


  • On this day, the National Federation of the Blind conducts activities, social events or white cane walks in their localities.
  • NFB also spread awareness regarding the day by using hashtags like #WhiteCaneAwarenessDay or #WhiteCaneSafetyDay through social media as well.

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