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World White Cane Day 2023: History, Significance

World White Cane Day 2023: Every year, World White Cane Day is observed on October 15 across the world to celebrate everything that the tool signifies. A person with a white cane with a red end or tip is instantly recognisable almost everywhere as someone with visual impairment. the day also marks freedom, independence, and inclusivity. The cane is a tool for blind people to navigate on roads. Ahead of World White Cane Day 2023, you must have a look at its history, significance and other important things.

World White Cane Day 2023: History

World White Cane Day is also called White Cane Safety Day. President Lyndon B Johnson first observed World White Cane Day in the US in 1964 and later the National Federation of the Blind initiated in the 1960s.

US President Barack Obama decided the day as Blind Americans Equality Day. This day highlights the movement of visually impaired people from a state of dependency to active social participation. It also marks the achievements and contributions of blind people in a variety of fields.


  • On this day, the National Federation of the Blind conducts activities, social events or white cane walks in their localities.
  • NFB also spread awareness regarding the day by using hashtags like #WhiteCaneAwarenessDay or #WhiteCaneSafetyDay through social media as well.

World White Cane Day: Quotes

“On the occasion of World White Cane Day, let us honour and appreciate the everyday fight they put out there to achieve their goals with their hard work and dedication.”

“Blindness can only exist in your mind. One who has a mind’s vision is not blind.”

World White Cane Day: FAQs

Why is White Cane Day celebrated?

In 1964, World White Cane Day was first celebrated and was established by the International Federation of the Blind (IFB). The day aimed to promote the use of the white cane as a mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired and to raise awareness about the needs of people with disabilities.

Who started White Cane Day?

Johnson signed the first Presidential proclamation for White Cane Safety Day.

How do you celebrate White Cane Day?

4 Easy Ways to Celebrate White Cane Day and Blindness Awareness Month with your Orientation and Mobility Students:
Take a big celebration
Make a Plan for an awareness activity
Students can make a thank you card and give it to teachers on campus.
Make a card for someone and mail it from the post office.

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