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World Sparrow Day 2024: Date, Theme, History, Significance

Every year, World Sparrow Day is observed on 20 March to raise awareness about how to prevent the extinction of these species. it is an action commenced by the Nature Forever Society of India and the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France. it also creates awareness about sparrows, their species, and the conservation measures to protect these feathery birds from extinction.

Nature Forever Society, India, an NGO by Mohammed Dilawar (internationally acclaimed conservationist) along with other global organizations conducts World Sparrow Day. The main objective of the Nature Forever Society is to save common flora and fauna including sparrows by involving citizens.

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World Sparrow Day 2024: Theme

  • The theme of World Sparrow Day 2023: “I Love Sparrows”.
  • The theme 2021 of World Sparrow Day is “I Love Sparrows.” The theme has been “inspired by the hope that more and more of us will celebrate the relationship between PEOPLE AND SPARROWS,” (worldsparrowday.org)

World Sparrow Day 2024: History

In 2010, First World Sparrow Day took place on March 20. Every year, this day is celebrated to raise awareness about house sparrows and other common birds affected by the environment across the globe. The Nature Forever Society (NFS) in India founded by An Indian conservationist, Mohammed Dilawar, launched an international initiative to celebrate World Sparrow Day. NFS works in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation from France. Mohammed Dilawar started his work by helping the house sparrows in Nasik. In 2008, TIME Magazine named “Heroes of the Environment”.

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World Sparrow Day 2024: Dates

2024March 20Wednesday
2025March 20Thursday
2026March 20Friday
2027March 20Saturday
2028March 20Monday

Sparrow Awards

NFS started presenting the first Sparrow Awards in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on 20 March 2011, aimed at encouraging efforts made towards this cause and to selflessly conserve the environment.

Winners of Sparrow Awards 2014

  • Jag Mohan Garg
  • N. Shehzad & M. Saud
  • Jal Grahan Kameti, Piplantri

Winners of Sparrow Awards 2013

  • Saleem Hameedi, Wildlife Photographer, Illustrator
  • Aabid Surti, Litterateur & Head Of NGO, Drop Dead
  • Jayant Govind Dukhande, Mumbai Police

Winners of Sparrow Awards 2012

  • Dilsher Khan
  • Ramita Kondepudi
  • Individuals (VikramYende, Kapil Jadhav, Mahendra Khawnekar, and Vishal Revankar)
  • Mahatma Gandhi Ashramshala

Winners of Sparrow Awards 2011

  • Bhavin Shah
  • Narendra Singh Chaudhary
  • L Shyamal
  • The Sparrow Company

World Sparrow Day 2024: FAQ

Why is World Sparrow Day celebrated?

Sparrow Day is a day designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow.

What a sparrow symbolize?

The sparrow represents simplicity, creativity, community, power, and empowerment.


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