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World Religion Day – January 21, 2024

Every year, World Religion Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in January. This year, it takes place on 21 January. The day is a reminder of the need for harmony and understanding between religions and faith systems. The communities of different faiths together and listen to each other, as well as celebrate the differences. The day is also a delicate intermingling of culture and religion brings.

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In 1950, The first official observance of World Religion Day was held. However, In Portland, Maine, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’í Faith hosted a talk in Eastland Park Hotel in October 1947 and decided to celebrate an annual event, then called World Peace Through World Religion. In 1950, it was known as World Religion Day.

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Every year, World Religion Day is marked on the third Sunday of the month of January. This year, the special day will be celebrated on January 21.

2023January 15Sunday
2024January 21Sunday
2025January 19Sunday
2026January 18Sunday

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How many religions are there in the world?

Around 4,200 different active religions.

How many countries celebrate World Religion Day?

World Religion Day is observed in over 80 countries across the globe.

Which religion has the most adherents?

Christianity tops the list, with 2.3 billion. Followed by Islam is at 2nd place with 1,8 billion.


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