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World Quality Day 2023

Every year, World Quality Day is observed on the second Thursday in November. This year, it falls on November 9. The day aims to raise quality awareness and provide support to individuals and organizations for the achievement of economic prosperity and the adoption of high-quality standards.

In 2008, the first World Quality Day was celebrated in London, United Kingdom (U.K.). Every year, the theme of World Quality Day is announced by the Chartered Quality Institute (C.Q.I.). The previous themes were “Sustainability: Improving Our Products, People, and Planet” and “Creating Customer Value.”

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World Quality Day 2023 – History

The Chartered Quality Institute (C.Q.I.) picks the theme of World Quality Day every year. The C.Q.I. is a chartered professional body for experts in improving service, project, and product quality. Since its inception, and was founded in 1919. the C.Q.I. includes a standard for championing organizational excellence in quality management worldwide.

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World Quality Day 2023 – Dates

2022November 10Thursday
2023November 9Thursday
2024November 14Thursday
2025November 13Thursday
2026November 12Thursday

World Quality Day 2023 – FAQs

Who is the father of quality?

William Edwards Deming is known as the ‘father’ of quality. He was a statistician and business consultant and helped Japan recover after World War II.

How do people celebrate World Quality Day/Week/Month?

Quality training for employees, recognizing individuals who join quality in organizations and makes a suggestion box.


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