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Why is Canada still on fire?

Why is Canada still on fire? – The thick smoke and haze entered New York City and brought some of the worst air quality levels to a series of wildfires burning in Canada. In Canada, The fires are still burning, and smoke is affecting states such as South Dakota, Montana, and Iowa as well as swaths of the Midwest and Northeast.

The fires started in early June and have affected Ontario and Quebec, and have impacted Canadians and Americans alike. As per the Canadian media report over 14,000 people in Quebec were evacuated earlier in June. Due to the fire, thick smoke led to air quality warnings in Canada as well as New York and Philadelphia.

In June 2023, the smoke laboriously affected the Midwest, with air quality in cities such s Detroit, Minneapolis, and Chicago.

Are the Canadian wildfires under control?

As per the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, there are more than 880 active fires across Canada. The fires are burning from coast to coast, with blazes heavily centralized in Canada’s eastern and western provinces, on both of the country’s East and West Coasts.

When will the Canadian wildfires end?

It is difficult to say When will the Canadian wildfires end?. The teams are working hard to control the wildfires. we hope they will control soon.

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