‘Werewolf Syndrome’: What Is It? Who Can Get It?

‘Werewolf Syndrome’: What Is It? Who Can Get It? – 17-year-old Lalit Patidar from Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam has been found living with hypertrichosis. Lalit Patidar says “When I was a kid, people would say I’m an avatar of Hanuman, and worship me,” after his birth, Lalit was diagnosed with the rare medical condition, which is commonly called “werewolf syndrome”.

Why is called ‘werewolf syndrome’?

Hypertrichosis has been dubbed as ‘werewolf syndrome’. ‘werewolf syndrome is a rare condition characterized by unusually excessive hair growth. werewolf syndrome can cause hair growth in certain parts of the body or can be seen all over.

Who can get Hypertrichosis, ‘werewolf syndrome

there is no concrete information regarding this.

How can it be treated?

  • There is no treatment for this condition. 

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