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US Flag Day 2023 – Date, history, significance and meaning of flag colors

US Flag Day 2023 – Date, history, significance and meaning of flag colours – Every year, The Flag Day of the United States of America is celebrated on June 14th in order to honor the profound symbolism and rich history of the American flag. The day marks great significance as the flag of the United States was adopted on this day in 1777.

In May 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation, designating this specific date as Flag Day.

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  • The inaugural Flag Day celebration was held in 1877, a century after the Continental Congress adopted the flag.
  • Finally, in 1949, President Harry Truman designated Flag Day as a national observance.

US Flag Colours and their meaning

  • Red – Valor and Hardness
  • White – Purity and Innocence
  • Blue – Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice

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US Flag Code

  • In 1942, Congress provided guidelines for the display and presentation of the flag and introduced the United States Flag Code.
  • The flag must not hang with stars down.
  • No flag must be flown above or to the right of the U.S. flag, except at the UN headquarters.
  • When a flag becomes unserviceable or damaged, it must be respectfully disposed of.

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What does the US celebrate on July 4?

The US celebrates its Independence Day on July 4.

What do stars and stripes mean in US Flag?

The 50 stars shows the 50 states, while the 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies.


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