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U.S. Coast Guard Day 2023 – Theme, History and Significance

Every year, Coast Guard Day is observed on August 4th every year to commemorate the founding of the United States Coast Guard as the Revenue Marine on August 4, 1790, by then-Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. The day marks when the U.S. Congress, led by Hamilton, allowed the building of a fleet of the first ten Revenue Service cutters, whose responsibility would be enforcement of the first tariff laws enacted by the U.S. Congress under the U.S. Constitution.


Under the act of the U.S. Congress, The U.S. Coast Guard received its present name. The act as signed into law by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson on January 28, 1915, merged the Revenue Cutter Service with the U.S. Life-Saving Service. The act played a role in providing the nation with a single maritime service dedicated to saving life at sea and enforcing the nation’s maritime laws.


The primary aim of Coast Guard Day is an internal activity for active duty and reserve Coast Guardsmen, civilian employees, retirees, auxiliaries, and dependents. On this day, U.S. Coast Guardsmen also participate as equal partners in Armed Forces Day activities. Grand Haven, Michigan, also called an act of Congress “Coast Guard City, USA”.

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