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Tenses and Verb English Language

Tenses and Verb English Language

Dear students, we are going to discuss tenses and verbs. this section is very important when you are solving grammatical error questions and you are asked fill in the blanks questions, so, it becomes a need to have a good hand at tenses and verbs. continue to read the article…..

What is tense in English Grammar

Tense explains the time when an action or event takes place (we all know that a verb means an action). we can find the tense of a sentence with the help of the verb. the verb is used to identify the time.

In English grammar, there are three types of tenses: they are

  1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense.

further, they are divided into four types such as Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous.

Basics of Past, Present and Future Tense

before going to advance level of Tense, first, we will see the basics of Past Tense, Present Tense and Future tense.

Present Tense

A sentence will be called in the present tense if the verb points an action.

  • Going on at the current moment (Example: he is playing Game)
  • Unchanged state (Example: he is a motivated boy.)
  • Repeated action or daily works. ( Example: he always comes to the college by bike .)

Past Tense

A sentence will be called in the past tense if the verb points an action was occurred in the past time.

Example: I played cricket yesterday.

Future Tense

A sentence will be called in the future tense if the verb points an action will happen or work will be done after the present time.

Example: he will go to market tomorrow.

Types of tense

TenseSimpleContinuousPerfectPerfect Continuous
PresentSimple PresentPresent  ContinuousPresent  PerfectPresent Perfect Continuous
PastSimple PastPast ContinuousPast PerfectPast Perfect Continuous
FutureSimple PastPast ContinuousPast PerfectPast Perfect Continuous
Types of tense

Simple tense– Only Action in sentence. .

Continuous– the action is continuous.

Perfect– the action is complete, finished or perfect with respect to a certain point of time.

Perfect Continuous– the action is going on for a long time and is yet to be ended.

Verb forms in various tenses

Present Tense TypeActive (V -Verb)Passive (V -Verb)
Simple PresentSubject + V1Subject + am + V3
Present ContinuousSubject + am + V1 + ingSubject + am+ being + V3
Present PerfectSubject + have + V3Subject + have been + V3
Present Perfect ContinuousSubject + have been + V1+ ing
Present Tense Type

Past Tense TypeActivePassive
Simple PastSubject + V2Subject + was + V3
Past ContinuousSubject + was +  V1+ ingSubject + was + being + V3
Past PerfectSubject + had + V3Subject + had been + V3
Past Perfect ContinuousSubject + had been + V1 + ing
Present Tense Type

Future Tense TypeActivePassive
Simple FutureSubject + shall + V1Subject + shall be + V3
Future ContinuousSubject + shall be + V1 + ing
Future PerfectSubject + shall have + V3Subject + shall have been + V3
Future Perfect ContinuousSubject + shall have been + V1 + ing

There are some example using rules –

Present Tense TypeRulesExample
Simple PresentSubject + verb +s/es (when subject is singular)I sing a song (मैं एक गाना गाता हूं। )
Present ContinuousSubject + is/am/are + V1 + ing + objectI am playing cricket. (मैं क्रिकेट खेल रहा हूं । )
Present PerfectSubject + has/have+ V3 + objectI have written a letter. ( मैंने एक पत्र लिखा है। )
Present Perfect ContinuousSubject + has been/have been+ V1 + ing + objectI have been playing PubG game for the last 30 minutes. ( मैं पिछले 30 मिनट से पबजी गेम खेल रहा हूं । )
Past Tense TypeRulesExample
Simple PastSubject + V2I played cricket
Past ContinuousSubject + was/were +  V1+ ing + objectI was playing cricket
Past PerfectSubject + had + V3 + objectI had played cricket
Past Perfect ContinuousSubject + had been + V1 + ing + objectI had been playing for the last One hour
Future Tense TypeRuleExample
Simple FutureSubject + shall/will + V1I will play cricket.
Future ContinuousSubject + shall/will be + V1 + ing + objectI will be playing cricket.
Future PerfectSubject + shall/will have + V3 + objectI will have played cricket.
Future Perfect ContinuousSubject + shall/will have been + V1 + ing + objectI will have been playing cricket for the last 40 minutes.


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