Task force constituted by Centre, Jaya Jaitly heads


Task force constituted by Centre

  • The Centre has constituted a task force that will evaluate issues regarding to Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Total Fertility Rate(TFR), Sex Ratio at Birth, Child Sex Ratio (CSR) and others issue that belongs to health as well as nutrition.
  • Apart from this, the Task force will inspect the correlations of age of marriage and motherhood along with health coditions, medical well being and nutritional status of mother and her child, during pregnancy or birth.
  • the Women and Child Development Ministry has established this task force and Jaya Jaitly has been chosen as head of task force.
  • Task Force headed by Jaya Jaitly will promote higher education among women.

About Women and Child Development Ministry –
Founded: 30 January 2006
Headquarters: New Delhi

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