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Yes Bank launches “Swasth Card” in collaboration of Affordplan

Swasth Card

  • The ndian public bank Yes Bank has intorduced ‘Swasth Card’ in collaboration of fintech startup “Affordplan”. Swasth Card is a co-branded healthcare card which comes under Swasth program. moreover, YES BANK’s wallet is also ntegrated on Affordplan Swasth that will enable wallet QR scaning option for making payments to merchant partners empanelled on the Affordplan Swasth app.

Benefits ‘Swasth’ program:

  1. Accessible to goal-based savings projection chart for medical treatment based on treatment inputs.
  2. Accessible to all healthcare services and treatments at a discounted price.
  3. No documentation needed to apply for a card, full KYC will be done within the period of 24 months.
  4. Flexible recharges which starts from Rs 100 up to a maximum balance of Rs 1 lakh.
  5. Cashback benefits will be offered to enable savings on expenses related to OPD consultation, diagnostics, medicines and In-Patient Department (IPD) treatments.
  6. Accessible to loan facilities for IPD treatments, in terms of a customer faces liquidity issues. The loan for the treatment is paid directly to the hospital.
  7. will cover Basic cover against accidental hospitalization, disability, or death.
  8. has an inbuilt rewards platform that may provide you wellness-related products and services in the form of rewards and incentives to customers.
  9. Contactless, eliminates cash transactions for the safety of customers at hospitals and pharmacy stores.

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