Static GK Questions and Answers 6th February 2021


Static GK Questions and Answers 6th February 2021

In this article, we will provide you with a set of GK Questions and each question will have an explanation below. attempt the questions to prepare yourself for government job exams such as UPSC, SSC, and state PSCs.

Q.1) When is World Cancer Day celebrated?

A) 5 February 
B) 4 February 
C) 6 February 
D) 1 February 

Answer is: B)

Q.2) Choose the Correct statement about Aung San Suu Kyi

A) She lives in London
B) She is an actor
C) She is a Burmese politician
D) She is a pilot

Answer is: C)

Q.3) What is the theme 2021 for World Cancer Day?

A) I will overcome 
B) I can, we can
C) You can, we can
D) I am and I will

Answer is: D)

Q.4) As per the survey 2021, Indian GDP contracts at ———.

A) 7.7%
B) 7.6%
C) 7.5%
D) 7.2%

Answer is: A)

Q.5) In which year, the First Economic Survey was tabled?

A) 1953-54
B) 1952-53
C) 1951-52
D) 1950-51

Answer is: D)

Q.6 What is the disinvestment target for Financial Year 2022 according to the Budget 2021?

A) 1.45 lakh crore
B) 1.55 lakh crore
C) 1.65 lakh crore
D) 1.75 lakh crore

Answer is: D)

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