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Sojat Mehndi (Rajasthan) and Judima rice wine (Assam) receive GI tag

Assam’s rice wine Judima and Rajasthan’s Sojat Mehndi (Henna) have been awarded the geographical indication (GI) tag.

About Judima rice wine Assam

  • Judima is a homemade rice wine and is the traditional brew in all of northeast.
  • Judima is made from sticky rice, which is steamed and mixed with traditional herbs, the wine has a distinct sweet taste. the whole process takes around one week to be ready.
  • Judima word was derived from the words Ju which mean wine and the meaning of Dima is ‘belonging to the Dimasa’.

About Sojat Mehndi Rajasthan

  • The Govt has given the geographical indication (GI) tag to Sojat Mehndi from Rajasthan that will help growers of this product get a premium price.

What is GI tag?

  • A GI tag (Called geographical indication) is used for an agricultural, natural, or a manufactured product (handicraft and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical area.


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