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RBI introduces Scale Based Regulation (SBR) for NBFCs

RBI introduces Scale Based Regulation (SBR) for NBFCs

The Reserve Bank of India is going to introduce the scale-based regulation (SBR) for non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and it will come into effect from October 01, 2022.

  • RBI has divided NBFCs into four layers (or 4 scales) on the basis of size, activity, and perceived riskiness.
  1. NBFC – Base Layer (NBFC-BL),
  2. NBFC – Middle Layer (NBFC-ML),
  3. NBFC – Upper Layer (NBFC-UL)
  4. NBFC – Top Layer (NBFC-TL).
  • base layer – It is NBFCs with asset size up to Rs 1000 crore and includes NBFCs P2P and NBFC Account Aggregators.
  • middle layer – It will have an asset size of over Rs 1,000 crore and housing finance companies. will also include core investment companies, infrastructure finance companies.
  • Upper layer NBFCs – Is to be identified by the Reserve Bank as warranting enhanced regulatory requirement based on a set of parameters and scoring methodology as provided in the Appendix to this circular.
  • Top Layer – It will ideally remain empty. it will be used when there is a substantial increase in the potential systemic risk from specific NBFCs in the Upper Layer and Such NBFCs will be included to the Top Layer.


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