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Quit India Movement

Quit India Movement

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi began the ‘Quit India Movement‘ against British Raj on 8th August 1942. this movement is also called as August Movement or August Kranti. it is believed as an important movement in the freedom struggle where the public became the part of the movement and they took charge itself.

Story Behind This –

When the Cripps mission was failed in April 1942. the Indian people started a massive and 3rd movement to get freedom from the British. this movement is known as Quit India movement. Mahatma Gandhi Ji passed a resolution in Bombay session of All India Congress Committee on 8th August 1942.

Gandhi Ji also gave a speech after passing a resolution ““There is a mantra, a short one that I give you. You imprint it in your heart and let every breath of yours give an expression to it. The mantra is do or die. We shall either be free or die in the attempt”. “Quit India” and “Do or Die”.


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