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Proclamation Day – December 28, 2023

Proclamation Day commonly highlights the anniversary of the proclamation of the government of the province of South Australia. The day is celebrated in South Australia on 28 December, however, it is no longer a public holiday. The anniversary of the establishment of self-government on 21 October 1890 was formerly called Proclamation Day in Western Australia.

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Proclamation Day – History

Proclamation Day in South Australia marks the establishment of government in the colony of South Australia as a British province. In 1834, The province itself was officially created and proclaimed when the British Parliament passed the South Australia Act 1834. The act authorised King William IV to make South Australia a British province and to provide for its colonisation and government.

Proclamation Day – Dates

2021December 27Monday
2022December 27Tuesday
2023December 26Tuesday
2024December 26Thursday
2025December 26Friday

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