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President Ndadaye’s Day – October 21, 2023

Every year, President Ndadaye Day is observed on October 21 in Burundi. The day aims to mark the occasion of Melchior Ndadaye’s assassination in 1993. Melchior Ndadaye was the first president of Burundi to be elected via a truly democratic process. He was related to one of the minority ethnic groups, the Hutu. The Hutu is an emblem of true democracy of Burundi and unity for the nation of Burundi and a representative of the fight against ethnic divisions.

President Ndadaye’s Day – History

Melchior Ndadaye was an intellectual and politician. He was appointed as president of the African nation of Burundi. He became the president through military coups. He completed his studies in Rwanda and became a university lecturer. In 1979, he helped found the socialist Burundi Workers’ Party.

In 1986, He founded the Front for Democracy (FRODEBU) party and won the presidency by a landslide of almost 66% of the votes in the June 1993 elections.

President Ndadaye’s Day – Dates

2023October 21Saturday
2024October 21Monday
2025October 21Tuesday
2026October 21Wednesday
2027October 21Thursday

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