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Nepal: Phulpati – October 21, 2023

Phulpati (Phool Pati) is the 7th day of Dashain, the biggest Hindu festival in Nepal, and In 2023, the day will be celebrated on October 21. The day honours Goddess Durga with nine types of Phulpati (petals of flowers). It aims to celebrate the auspicious uncovering of truth over falsehoods and divinity over terror. According to Hindu mythology, the 9 plants symbolise the arrival of goddesses into the homes of the devotees. On this occasion, Hindus decorate their homes with garlands and offer prayers for a prosperous future.

Nepal: Phulpati – History

Dashain is one of the most auspicious festivals in Nepal and is celebrated over 15 days. Dashain festival is called ‘Dasai,’ the festival is commonly known as Vijaya Dashami in India and is celebrated by Hindus.

The Nepali Hindus observe Phulpati on the 7th day of Dashain. The story of Dashain is about the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasur.’ Over 10 days, the war was held over 10 days and Goddess Durga won the war.

Nepal: Phulpati – Dates

2022October 2Sunday
2023October 21Saturday
2024October 11Friday
2025September 29Monday
2026October 17Saturday

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