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New Education Policy India 2020

New Education Policy India 2020

  • On 29th July, The Union Cabinet has provided its approval for a new National Education Policy. India is wanting to get universal fundamental literacy and numeracy by the 2025 year. due to this, the Ministry of Human Resource Development is going to set the National Mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy.
  • At present, more than 5 cr students in India, haven’t attained fundamental literacy and numeracy. fundamental literacy and numeracy is meant to one should have the ability to read basic texts and can make basic addition and subtraction with Indian numerals.

NEP New Education Policy India 2020 : Preparing For School

  • At the school level, the student and teacher ratio will be kept under 30:1 and socio-economically disadvantaged students will have PTR under 25:1.

New Education Policy 2020: E-content

  • The centre is also wanting to implement a national repository of e-content on fundamental literacy and numeracy and such content will be available on Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA). platform soon. DIKSHA will offer as aids to bridge the language barrier in getting the goal.


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