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National Short Film Day – December 28, 2023

The birth of the motion picture industry is observed on National Short Film Day on December 28 each year in the United States. The day also marks the event when a public audience viewed a series of short films for the first time.

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National Short Film Day – History

There is no one behind the invention of cinema. A prototype of the kinetoscope was presented successfully by the Edison Company in the year 1891. The device helped to view motion pictures by one person at a time.

Short Film Day was started by the Film Movement on December 28, 2019. Film Movement was founded in 2002 and is known as the distributor of many award-winning indie films set in New York City. National Short Film Day aimed to mark the importance and resilience of the great short-film industry.


2023December 28Thursday
2024December 28Saturday
2025December 28Sunday
2026December 28Monday
2027December 28Tuesday

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What is the shortest film ever?

“Fresh Guacamole” is the shortest film at 1 minute, 41 seconds and was produced that was nominated for an Academy Award.

When is National Short Film Day observed?

National Short Film Day is marked on December 28.


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