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National Eva Day – December 25, 2023

National Eva Day is observed on December 25 every year. If you are looking to know about Eva: Eva is more than a pretty name. People around the world respect her as the first woman to walk the earth. In Scotland and Ireland, Eva’s name symbolizes all that is radiant.

National Eva Day – History

The roots of the name Eva is from the Hebrew word ‘chawah, and chawah word means “to breathe,” where ‘breath’ signifies the beginning of life and possibilities. Eva is a derivative of the Latin Eve, the woman Abrahamic religions believe the first woman God created.

National Eva Day – Dates

2023December 25Monday
2024December 25Wednesday
2025December 25Thursday
2026December 25Friday
2027December 25Saturday

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National Eva Day – FAQ

What was Eve’s purpose?

As per the “Bible,” God made Eve as a companion for Adam.

When is National Eva Day celebrated?

National Eva Day is observed on 25 December.


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