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National Carolina Day – January 17, 2024

Every year, National Carolina Day is observed on January 17. The day aims to mark the name Carolina and every person who was ever named Carolina. Carolina’s Name is primarily feminine and contains origins in the Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish, and German languages.

In German, the meaning of the name Carolina is a free or beautiful woman. In Latin, Carolus (Charles) is the name Carolina and has been derived from, which generally meaning is “free man” or ‘freeholder’.

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National Carolina Day – History

The name Carolina has various historical significance. Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel was born in 1768. She was the daughter of Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, and Princess Augusta of Great Britain.

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National Carolina Day – Dates

2024January 17Wednesday
2025January 17Friday
2026January 17Saturday
2027January 17Sunday
2028January 17Monday

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National Carolina Day – FAQs

What is Carolina known for?

Carolina is called for the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

What does Carolina mean in Hebrew?


Where did Carolina’s name come from?

It is believed that Carolina is the feminine version of the name Charles.


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