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Kid Inventors’ Day – January 17, 2024

Every year, Kid Inventors’ Day is celebrated on January 17, aimed at marking the creativity and ingenuity of young people across the globe. We are using various things such as earmuffs, popsicles, trampolines, Braille, and even the television.

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Kid Inventors’ Day – History

People celebrated the achievements of young inventors and encouraged creativity among the younger population, which is credited as the origin of Kid Inventors’ Day. January 17 was selected as Kid Inventors’ Day and it marks the birth anniversary of the respected polymath, politician, and child inventor Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin made many achievements. His earliest achievement was inventing swim flippers at the age of 12.

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Kid Inventors’ Day – Dates

2024January 17Wednesday
2025January 17Friday
2026January 17Saturday
2027January 17Sunday
2028January 17Monday

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Kid Inventors’ Day – FAQs

How can I celebrate Kid Inventors’ Day?

You can celebrate the Day by exploring kid inventions, learning about patents, inventing together, and so on.

Who is the youngest kid inventor?

Samuel Thomas Houghton is a British inventor. In April 2008, he obtained a patent for his “Sweeping Device With Two Heads” invention at the age of 5.


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