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National Broadcasting Day 2020

National Broadcasting Day 2020

  • Every year, 23th July is observed as National Broadcasting Day. this was day when radio broadcast was brought in india from the Bombay Station on 23 July 1927. Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) was made broadcasting.

Radio Broadcasting:

  • in 1923, Radio broadcasting was begun. it comes under the radio club of the Bombay initiative. officially, All India Radio is also called as AkashVani since 1956. in the year 1930, it was installed. later the Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS) was started knowing as All India Radio (AIR).

What is Prasar Bharati –

  • Prasar Bharati is one of most and largest public broadcasting agency of India. along with it, this is also statutory autonomous body which was installed under Act of parliament.

National Broadcasting Day 2020


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