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NASA Astronauts are back from space after successful Demo-2 mission


NASA Astronauts are back from space

  • On 2nd August 2020, The Two astronauts of USA, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have come back from International Space Station (ISS). Space-X has designed and operated Crew Dragon. along with it, Space-X is working on usage of this flight that will be able to stay in orbit almost 110 days.

About NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 Mission:

  • SpaceX Demo-2 test flight was as the first crewed flight that was sent from the US since 2011. The demo-2 mission is known as a part of the Commercial Crew Program which is related to NASA.
  • After the year 2010, The Commercial Crew Program of NASA has come with several American aerospace industry companies in order to develop a US human spaceflight system.
  • The demo-2 mission was a last and final test that will ensure different components such as spacecraft Crew Dragon, operations, the launch vehicle Falcon 9, and launchpad LC-39A.
  • The main purpose of the Demo-2 mission is to ensure easier access to space in terms of price and can easily transportation of a crew.

About NASA –
Headquarters – Washington
Founder – Dwight D. Eisenhower
Founded – 1 October 1958
Deputy Administrator – James Morhard

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