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Military Satellite into space by Iran


Military Satellite into space by Iran – 

  • Iran Country has launched a military satellite successfully into space. it was the first satellite of the Islamic Republic of Iran that has been sent into orbit by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Information About military satellite

  • Iran’s Satellite arrived using a Based, or “Messenger,” satellite an orbit of 425 kilometres (264 miles) which was above of the Earth’s surface.
  • Before sending, Iran had attempted many tests but Iran could not get success to send its satellite into orbit. for Iran, this step is important because escalating military tensions between Iran and the US.
  • along with it, Iran has given an allowance to UN inspectors to visit its sites.

About Iran :
President: Hassan Rouhani
Capital: Tehran
Currency: Iranian rial
Supreme leader: Ali Khamenei

Military Satellite into space by Iran

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