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Lockdown Extended

Lockdown Extended

  • Today, The Prime Minister addressed the public at 10 AM and also said to extend lockdown till 3 May 2020 to tackle coronavirus. before this announcements, some states already had extended lockdown period. however, PM Modi, mentioned to extend lockdown period for 21 Days. and he said to implement rules strictly.
  • During his speech, PM Modi told public that the India’s situation is much better compared to another countries. before crossing number of cases to 100, Govt started solating people for 14 days. then, govt took step to shut public places to stop india’s COVID cases rising. when, India found 550 COVID cases then, govt had to put forth the 21-day lockdown,” the PM said.
  • In India, coronavirus positive cases has hitted over 10,000 mark and before extending lockdown, PM Modi attended a video conference on Saturday 11 April with Chief Ministers of all states and almost all CMs suggested to increase lockdown period at least more two weeks.

important points from the Prime Minister’s Speech

  • Complete Lockdown – some states such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana and West Bengal had declared to extend lockdown till 31 April. now, Indian Govt implemented a complete nationwide lockdown with all present restrictions till 3 May 2020.
  • Implement fully Strictness for One week : the States will have to monitor all regions strictly. COVID-19’s hotspots have to stop letting.

Prime Minister Modi has invoked the public to keep in mind these important 7 points during the lockdown:

  1. Need Extra care of elderly people
  2. obey Social distancing rules, use masks to cover face, home made masks
  3. obey the AYUSH’s guidelines to improve immunity
  4. download Aarogya Setu app
  5. need to help needy and poor people by also maintaining social distancing.
  6. company/businesses don’t sack anyone from job
  7. give Respect Frontline workers/ Heros of COVID-19 – doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police etc.

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